Interstitial Flux (2015 6'10")

for fixed media (Stereo)

The piece is based on the premise that musical and acoustic descriptors involving ranges or dimensions imply boundaries (high/low, quiet/loud, dense/sparse, etc.), which, when closely examined, quickly begin to disappear.

Composed in a loose rondo form, "Interstitial Flux" attempts to examine the validity of these boundaries and to thereby render them as part of a "de-bordered" sonic palette.

"Interstitial Flux" is built from highly-edited and multi-layered concrète and synthesized sound sources. Principal among these are sine wave and white noise generators, field recordings of city soundscapes in Istanbul and Berlin, as well as spoken text fragments. In addition, the piece employs extensive effects processing with spectral delays, delay-diffusion processing, and a wide range of granular resynthesis algorithms, often applied recursively.

"Interstitial Flux" (excerpts):