Ex-Cal-In-Out (2015 ca. 7'00")

for trumpet and live electronics

"Ex-Cal-In-Out" (2015 - ca. 7'00") is largely based on the interplay between the resonant frequencies of both a trumpet and the room in which it is played. Through a specially-designed feedback signal processing patch, the internal (trumpet) and external (concert space) resonant frequencies can be "played" by moving and orienting the resonant system of the trumpet within the space of the room. The nodes and antinodes of the various resonant frequencies in the room - which can often be found within the relatively small space surrounding the performer on stage - interact with the trumpet's own resonances, which are changed by pressing various valve combinations of the instrument.

The score of the piece requires the performer play the resonant spaces, although the nonlinear nature of such systems is highly dynamic and not entirely predictable.

This piece is dedicated to Stephan Schmitt.

Premiè€re in Berlin at the N.K. on 19 March 2015.